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Specialized law firm for Polish and Austrian law!

We are a specialized law firm with offices in Gdansk (Poland) and Vienna (Austria). Here you always speak with the lawyer who will represent you in court, in your own language!

Our areas of law

Established in Vienna & Gdansk

If you are in Austria and wish to be represented by us in Poland, please discuss your case in our office in Vienna with the lawyer who represents you in Poland. Conversely, if you are in Gdansk (Poland), we offer you a meeting with a lawyer who will represent you in Austria.

How to do that?

We are multilingual and registered in both countries. This means we do not need local partner law firms.

Save time

We save you tiresome time spent on communication and translation.

Complete satisfaction!

The enforcement of your rights is carried out quickly and without unnecessary trips to Poland and Austria.

National and international clients

The firm provides national and international clients with comprehensive legal advice in the areas of litigation including national and international arbitration as well as criminal and administrative law.

The law firm specializes in medical law, pharmaceutical law, medical product law as well as food law and cosmetics law, but also in family law (cross-border), franchise law, foreigners law (naturalization of non-EEA persons).


Our areas of law

Comprehensive legal advice

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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Foreigners' Law


Criminal Law

Criminal Law and Commercial Criminal Law

Medical Law

Pharmaceutical Law and Medical Devices Law


Start-up advice and legal representation

Family law

Family reunification under Austrian law

Dispute Resolution

Drafting international contracts

Umschaden – to avoid damage!

From definition, legal practice presents that legal work always involves dealing with damage. Whether it is the elimination of future potential dangers, the establishment of a contract, the legal structuring of projects or the prevention of penalties or adverse consequences in a specific legal dispute – it is all about avoiding damage!


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We are happy to advise you

We work efficiently, are always available and always focused on the individual needs of our clients. As an international law firm, we serve our clients in English, German, Spanish and Polish.


Our highly specialized and experienced team offers professionalism and guarantees the highest quality of service always in your national language.

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